43 Lesbian Prison



70 Pages
Format: ePub


**8 Jeans Story**
Low Rise Jeans fashion going consequently to extremes.

**10 No Public Nuisance**
The law against public nudity is omitted, public nuisance is history. And things are getting a little bit out of hand…

**11 Naked Sports**
Sports is about the body… right? The *naked* body?

**22 Spa Salvation**
Fun pools and spas suffer from declining attendance figures. But there is a plan at hand how to bring people back to the pools…

**34 Air Lining**
Air Security makes it necessary that passengers on planes don’t wear anything at all…

**43 Lesbian Prison**
In this prison everything’s different. The imprisoned women shall be pacified by being naked and by what women need the most – sex. This overall reduces expenses for security guards and improves the peaceful feminine togetherness.

Lesbian Prison is Marcus Hanon’s new hot story collection. Horny women in erotic adventures and ironic humor in over 11000 words on more than 70 pages.


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