126 Naked Reporter

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80 Pages
Format: ePub


**31 2070**
Space travel can also be very sexy… She has some routine work to do on the spaceship. But the spacesuit is a hindrance to her. Oh well! Then she just takes it off…

**96 The Assistant**
A spinoff. A tribute. A variation. An inspiration. Ironman is not meant lewd here…

**126 Naked Reporter**
The young and dedicated journalist wants to make television reports about beautiful holiday resorts. She is fond of nudist holidays and wants to talk about them. But she thinks it is completely absurd that she would not report naked from a nudist beach… on TV.

**136 Interstellar**
She is the director of the Space Program for Interstellar Travel. But when people spend years together in confined spaces, it is better not to be alienated from human emotion and the human condition… as the journalists find out themselves.

Naked Reporter is Marcus C. Hanon’s new erotic ride. 4 wild stories of erotic adventures and understated humor in over 13000 words on more than 80 pages.


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