111 The Boutique



75 Pages
Format: ePub


Our latest erotic shorts collection. Hot, sexy adventures and ironic humor in over 12400 words on more than 70 pages. Sex Stories by Marcus C. Hanlon.

**35 Fashion Photography**
When a conservative photographer and a pretty young woman clash…

**111 The Boutique**
Mannequins and posters? Outdated. This shop offers completely different attractions to its female customers and even their male companions. Nakedness without shame and shyness.

**119 Adult-Dating**
She seeks a partner and establishes herself for this purpose and registers herself with a matchmaking agency. But her life is not the way the mediator imagines it… her lifestyle doesn’t seem to make it so easy to (still) find a man for life (and sex).

**135 Wedding Planner**
The couple wanted to tie the knot. But the bride had her own sexy ideas of a romantic love marriage. Certainly, she encountered the wedding planner with unexpectedly open reactions…

The Boutique is Marcus C. Hanon’s new book. 4 wild, hot stories of erotic adventures and ironic humor in over 12000 words on more than 75 pages.


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