108 Yoga Interview



80 Pages
Format: ePub


New hot stories on Nude Yoga, open minded women and beauty in every shape and form. Erotic stories by Marcus Hanlon and Ars Amatoria.

Yoga Interview features these 5 flaming hot stories…

**99 Blue Thunder**
is the casting dialog of an actress, applying for a role where she should present yoga poses – naked. [more…](http://ars-amatoria.com/99-Blue-Thunder/)

**108 Yoga Interview**
tells the story of an interview with a prominent yoga expert, who just presented her latest yoga DVD to the market. And she really is into naked yoga this time… [more…](http://ars-amatoria.com/108-Yoga-Interview/)

**143 Office Community**
As a young female entrepreneur, you can just afford a desk in a large open space office. However, her small company is not that suitable for working in public at all. Of course she doesn’t mind… [more…](http://ars-amatoria.com/143-Office-Community/)

**145 The Channel**
Her Youtube Channel for Yoga is a huge success. But she has further ideas, more revealing ones that will guarantee her even more followers…

**149 Beauty Salon**
The hairdressing salon mutates into a wellness temple. All is based on customer’s wishes. And they are very body oriented… very… [more…](http://ars-amatoria.com/149-Beauty-Salon/)

*Yoga Interview* is Marcus Hanon’s new hot story collection. Hot women in funny adventures and erotic humor on more than 80 pages.


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